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Thread: Problema GPU

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    Cercato un po' meglio stamattina, pare essere per desing della PSU:
    <<The AC socket of be quiet! Dark Power Pro 12 1200W is directly soldered to the main PCB. The seemingly huge double-pole double-throw switch actually only uses one set of switches, which is connected to the thin lead on the daughter board to control the power supply. The main circuit works. In addition, the 5VSB is independent of the main circuit, as long as the AC plug is connected and the power is turned on, the 5VSB standby circuit will start to work, for the peripherals and the motherboard RGB lights Power supply, no matter whether the main switch of the power supply is set to 1 or 0, it will not affect the operation of the 5VSB circuit. The difference is that when the main switch is set to 1, the main circuit of the power supply can be started. The fuse and surge absorber are all covered with heat shrinkable sleeve. In addition to many Cy capacitors, 2 Cx capacitors and 2 common mode inductors are also arranged on the mains input side.>>


    Mi sembra una cagata pazzesca (tipo bug venduto per feature), ma non so un cazzo di elettronica

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    dal punto di vista della salvezza del circuito non sembra la migliore delle idee, per? ? pur sempre un circuito separato: non ci finisce l? per caso... qualcuno deve aver deciso che andare in giro con i led accesi sia pi? importante e quindi serviva
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